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To use technology to bring innovative solutions for health professionals.

It all started from an ideal.

We believed in 3D printing and designed the first titanium 3D printed custom-made prostheses in the world to get the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) certification.
But we didn’t stop there, and in no time we developed our first 3D AnatomicModel for surgical planning. The surgery was a success and from then on we kept on improving our process so the AnatomicModel could be an even better tool for medical teams to use in decision making.
With that in hand, we decided to help doctors in training, and we invested in AnatomicModels for education and simulators for colleges and trainings.
We saw the great potential of interfaces such as augmented reality and focused on, once again, coming up with a solution that combined the practicality of the technology with the precision needed for medical applications
We believe our solutions have a profound impact on the lives of patients and health professionals, and we focus on developing projects that meet the needs of several specialties.
We are driven by challenges and we are always working on new projects.
But we don't want to  tell you what we do,
we want to show it.
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