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Perform the operation prior to surgery.

A replica of your patient at the palm of your hands.

Medical imaging might not be the best tool to study anatomic details of the patient, and even the 3D recostruction might not provide the ideal view for the surgeon.

With this in mind, we developed 3D printed AnatomicModels.

What are AnatomicModels?

AnatomicModels are replicas of patients’ anatomies developed from CT scans and MRI images. We reconstruct the image and 3D print the area of interest, this way you can see and touch the patient’s organ before opening him.

The development process of AnatomicModels

Medical Imaging


3D Printing

What's different about us

We are the only company to work with this technology in the country. We print in many textures, colors and sizes, and with this we develop AnatomicModels with skin, bone and muscle-like structures, each one with the ideal texture to mimic the tissue.

Our AnatomicModels are operable, and with them it is possible to test medical instruments, define prostheses sizes and study the best access and technique for the patient.

What are the benefits?

The surgical planning using 3D printed AnatomicModels provides comfort and safety to the medical team and the patient.


Using AnatomicModels, the medical team knows the exact size of the patient’s anatomy, being able to test medical instruments and prostheses prior to surgery, and also foreseeing possible complications.


What better way to clarify the surgery to the patient than with his own organ in hands? With the AnatomicModel, doctors can explain the pathology to patients and show them the necessary intervention to correct it.


With the surgery effectively planned, the medical team doesn’t need to test prostheses or explore the patient’s anatomy intraoperatively. The surgery is faster and there are less surprises.



High complexity surgeries require the work of teams of different specialties. With the AnatomicModel it is easier for teams to make decisions about the ideal surgical approach.


Faster surgeries require less medication during the operation. Besides that, the reduction in surgical time reduces the chances of infection. This enables a faster and safer recovery for the patient.


Using AnatomicModels reduces the waste of surgical materials and also the duration of the surgery. Factors such as these help to reduce the cost of the operation, bringing benefits to patients, doctors, hospitals and health insurances.

Real Cases

Craniosynostosis Correction

Customization of Fixation Plates

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