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Completely customized titanium implants.

Made of Biocompatible Titanium and 3D Printed

Accidents, infections and tumors may cause the extended loss of cranial bone mass. The absence of bone structures makes the brain vulnerable to traumas, and is, in many cases, an aesthetic issue.

BioArchitects’ cranial implants are designed to replicate the exact anatomy of the patient, having the perfect fit for unmatched fuctional and aesthetic results.

Besides being made to have the perfect shape for each patient, the titanium provides lightness, resistance and durability to the implants.

Why to customize?

The customization of the cranial prostheses enables faster and more efficient surgeries. With the traditional prostheses, the adequate fit and curvature for the patient may be hard to reach, and the adjustments are, many times, made during the surgery. This requires longer operation room time, medical team time and anesthesia, and it exposes the patient to more infection risks.

All of our prostheses go through quality control processes. We work with the Swedish company Arcam, that owns the titanium 3D printing technology, and we were the first company in the world to get the FDA certification to make 3D printed titanium implants.

What are the benefits?

By customizing, it is possible to reach the ideal implant for each patient, reaching unique dimensions, curvatures and thicknesses.


Medical grade titanium (Ti-4Al-6V), ensures light and resistant implants.


The porosity of the edges was developed especially to improve osseointegration and the perforated surface allows the regulation of intracranial pressure.


Our prostheses are certified by the Food And Drug Administration (USA) ensuring quality in every step of the process.


The computer based planning allows the perfect fit for the recovery of the affected area.


Our implants are designed with fixation tabs determined by the surgeon. There is no need for plates to fixate the implant to the skull.


With the prostheses in hands and the ideal fit, the surgery duration may  be reduced, along with the use of anesthesia and the chance of infections.

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