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Safety and

precision first

Plan every move prior to surgery.

Some procedures require, not only 3D planning, but also the use of surgical guides to aid surgeons during the performance of incisions and tool placement. At BioArchitects, we deliver patient specific surgical guides, developed by the surgeon, to ensure perfect fit and impressive results.

How does it work?


Using medical images, the surgeon studies the case and plans the surgery, developing the needed guides for the  procedure. Once it is 3D printed by our state-of-the-art printers, the surgeon receives a surgical guides that fits perfectly to the patient's anatomy.

The development process of the Surgical Guides

Virtual Planning

Virtual Model

imagem do software

3D Printing

Certified by Anvisa

Our guides are certified by Anvisa, ensuring the quality of the product and the patient's safety.


The planning is made in specialized software, to garantee quality throughout the process.​


Our employees are qualified and our printers are used exclusively for medical means.

What are the benefits?

Surgical Guides bring safety and comfort to the patient and the medical team.


Using surgical guides, the medical team knows the exact size of the patient's anatomy, knowing precisely the incisions that need to be made during the procedure.


Once the medical team has the surgical guide, they know the exact placement of incisions, making surgeries faster and more predictable.


With pre-surgery planning and the surgical guides, the team has better control over the results, being able to plan millimetric adjustments to the operation and ensuring the best results.

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